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Presenting a property, whatever its use, at a price far from its commercial value, is a problem, both if the price is too high and vice versa: by advertising it at too high a price the risk is that the property will remain unsold or vacant for a long time, because whoever is willing to buy or rent a property, has a clear picture of the real value of these assets; if you propose too low figures, you will easily find a client but the owner would give up money that could also be substantial. Giving the right price to your house for sale is not easy because there are many variables to take into account and it is difficult for the owner himself to give an objective and objective evaluation of his house.

Let's see, therefore, how to give the right value to the property and avoid unnecessary waste of time:

    Analysis of the local market
    Comparison with competing properties
    Comparison with recently sold properties in the same area
    Check values per square meter of the IMO (real estate market observatory)
    Comparative analysis
    Market positioning

In this way we will be able to give the real value to the property and once placed on the market it will be competitive by speeding up the sale as much as possible.

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