TIRRENA Immobiliare S.n.c.


There are many channels on which to publish a property, each has its own target and all have different characteristics, so it is important to use different marketing strategies for each:

    Publication on major real estate portals
    social media publication
    publication in dedicated magazines (although increasingly out of print)


- Real Estate Portals: Statistically 80% of the people who search for a property on the major real estate portals, after having last two/three pages of ads, get tired or bored, it is therefore essential that your property is at the top of the search results, thus increasing the probability that your potential buyer can see it and evaluate it!

Each portal (Immobiliare.it - Casa.it - Idealista) gives agencies the opportunity to have, for a fee, a package of ads that will take precedence over the others. We firmly believe in this strategy and we invest a lot so that the properties we have exclusive are always at the top of the search.


    Social Network: thanks to the ads sponsored mainly on Facebook, we can direct the ad to a restricted circle of users. The numbers of potential customers reached with this system are considerable and measurable because we can count every click and every display of each advertised ad, thus being able to see precisely the interest aroused, as well as having a direct channel to give all the information to those who request it and then make an appointment directly to the

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