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To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is a good idea to have the technical and administrative regularity of the property checked.  It is better that these checks are carried out before the possible purchase proposal, by the trusted technician of the agency, who will be able to guarantee its correctness and compliance.

Usually, in order to have a positive or negative outcome of the verification, it takes about 40 days, time that in any case is needed for the preparation of the property to the next stages of the sale.

We will then recover all the necessary documentation including the deed of origin and the Certificate of Energy Performance; then we will appoint the technician who will carry out the urban pre-verification, providing to create a small brochure containing all the documentation of the property to be delivered directly to the owner.


In this way the situation will be under control and before a possible promise of purchase the owner will know if his property is in conformity or, if there are any discrepancies with the projects deposited in common, the owner will have the opportunity to assess together with the technician which road to take to make the property in conformity and will know in advance what any expense will be incurred without having unpleasant surprises.

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